Week 2: The Power of your Inner Cycle

Introduction: You are a Cyclical Being

This is an audio transmission which provides an overview of the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle, as well as the embodiment of the 4 different archetypes we women move through day to day, month to month, year to year- phases of your womanhood.

This is about you Honouring that you are a Cyclical Being.


Complete after you have listened to the audio guide.

Four Phases of the Holy Womb Grail

A look into the different archetypes of your menstrual cycle and the different energies and physical changes we move through as women. 

Each phase includes an audio training, and journal. The journal questions have been inspired by each Feminine Archetype and the energy we embody. 

Follicular Phase

Embodying your Inner Spring & Loving Maiden

The fresh energy of the Spring is embodied in the first phase of the cycle, the follicular phase. This is where the moon is in its waxing phase. 

Listen to this audio guide to receive your transmission about the energy we all embody- the energy of the Maiden.

Ovulatory Phase

Embodying your Inner Summer & Nurturing Mother

 The fertile peak of creativity and of feeling fully nourished. 

This is when the Moon is in her fullness and so are you. The ovulatory phase represents the peak in fertility and energy in the body. 

Listen to this audio guide to receive your transmission about the energy we all embody- the energy of the Mother.

Luteal Phase

Embodying your Inner Autumn & Wild Priestess

As the light turns to dark and we experience the coolness of the Autumn winds, we also move through a shift.

The luteal phase  brings our awareness inward. It represents the pre-menstrual phase. This phase is connected to the waxing moon, as she moves into darkness.

Listen to this audio guide, to receive your transmission about the energy we all embody: The Wild Priestess

Menstrual Phase

Embodying your Inner Winter & Wise Crone

As the moon goes into her darkness to form the new moon, we do too. Without darkness there is no light. This is all about embodying your inner darkness, knowing how to rest to begin the new phase feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

This is all about normalising the talk and experience around your bleeding time, as well as the darkness.

When you have completed this, move onto the Mandala Earth Offering to reconcile with this part of you and to harmonise all the archetypes/cycles within you.

Embodiment Practices

Dark Goddess Guided Meditation:

Embracing the Cycle of DEATH & REBIRTH within

Meditation for Restoration, Relaxation & Healing

You can do this meditation when you are:

  • bleeding, or would like to bring on your natural flow
  • needing to feel rested and relaxed
  • wanting to heal your connection with mother earth
  • wanting to honor you as a cyclical being (to bring healing to your surrendered and flow state or to embrace the duality of birth and death

Make sure you have a quiet dark space to do this. You can also do this under a blanket. Light a candle and follow my voice.

Divine Feminine Mandala Earth Ritual

An offering to Mother Earth and to bring healing to your unique rhythm


Once you have completed The Menstrual Phase, use this guide to create your Nature Mandala and receive your Healing with Your Rite of Passage- the right of passage of your sacred womanhood. 

Here you are rewiring your very own feminine lineage relating to the relationship with your body.

You can do this ritual to:

  • bring healing to your period,
  • recreate a new cellular memory of your moon cycle
  • connect deeper with Mother Earth and to receive her healing qualities
  • Re Write your period story-  your menarche (first occurrance of menstruation).

There is no right or wrong with your intention here.

Mandala Ritual Guide

other Delicious Bonuses for you

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Womb, Yoni Music Playlists for your feminine vibration

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Affirmations for you to keep. To return to anytime you require some inspiration, motivation or knowing how amazing you really are.

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Prayer for Remembrance

A quick prayer of Ask to ignite your trust with the Divine. Use this prayer every morning before you begin your day.

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Bleeding Ritual

Sacred blood ritual for when you are bleeding.

Other ResourcEs

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I will be going live inside our facebook group for support from me, you can also watch them here. 

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Cacao Recipe

 We will dive into a simple cacao ritual in our self love tantric ceremony (week 6) and sex magic ceremony (week 10). Here is the recipe to use as a guide.

The song I have included that you can make it to, means: “Sacred Plant.”