Week 9 unleash youR Wild Woman

REPLAY Live Ceremony

Unleash your Wild Woman Sisterhood Temple

Take up space sis, own your too muchness and know your worth. Embrace your inner Lilith, and become the star of your your own erotic, sensual  life that you get to choose and create.

Embrace your wild woman through your erotic dance, feel into your desires and show up in your grace, bigness and wild expression. 

Our Temple is a tantric embodiment practice where we connect to our womb wisdom, clear old and stuck energy, and create space for new magic and abundance to come in through your sexuality.


Re-Writing your Feminine Script

The script of your feminine soul

As you tune into your womb, heart and body, write the script that you are making a promise to show up for and embody from this moment on.

This woman is the real YOU, the unedited, unapologetic YOU.

Listen to the short audio guide to inspire your feminine and then complete the story writing process using the guide.

This part is so important for the manifestation of your Wild, Erotic WHOLE WOMAN. 

Who is this woman you are remembering?

Journal Inquiry

Complete this after you have compelted listening t the audio guide.

other Delicious Bonuses for you

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Womb, Yoni Music Playlists for your feminine vibration

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Affirmations for you to keep. To return to anytime you require some inspiration, motivation or knowing how amazing you really are.

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Prayer for Remembrance

A quick prayer of Ask to ignite your trust with the Divine. Use this prayer every morning before you begin your day.

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Bleeding Ritual

Sacred blood ritual for when you are bleeding.

Coming Soon

Other ResourcEs

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I will be going live inside our facebook group for support from me, you can also watch them here. 

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Cacao Recipe

 We will dive into a simple cacao ritual in our self love tantric ceremony (week 6) and sex magic ceremony (week 10). Here is the recipe to use as a guide.

The song I have included that you can make it to, means: “Sacred Plant.”