Week 8 Warrior Goddess

Confronting Fear- Weaving the Sacred Masculine – Choosing LOVE

This is all about confronting FEAR and choosing LOVE with a Fear Dissect Practice.

Whenever there is fear, there is always an opportunity for LOVE and COURAGE. We have to know that the feminine is also FIERCE. She knows truth, she knows how to destruct what is withholding her from her GREATNESS.

You will also be encouraged to do a Burning Ritual to release pain/hurt from the wounded masculine experienced by men to open your heart to feeling and receiving the  great forever present conscious masculine who supports your flourishing feminine, who continues to hold your potent life force energy. In this way, the light of the conscious masculine in men becomes brighter. He is ready to fully provide and support your feminine, Erotic Heart.


Complete during or after the audio training.

Setting up your High Standards

This is a very important piece in supporting your feminine consciousness.

This is all about setting STANDARDS and knowing what you are UNAVAILABLE for in life, relationships, business, with family etc. Your sovereign woman walks with an open heart but with standards. She knows her worth and that her needs matter.

Once you have written your standards move to the Embodiment Practice below.


Start setting your standards unapologetically.

Embodiment Practice: Warrior Goddess Dance

Dance with your feminine and masculine. Feel his presence, strength and penetrating power through your dance. 

In this dance, you will work on your core and posture. You will cultivate confidence through your walks and movements so you further embody the strength to hold your standards. And walk through life unapologetically. 

The video is split up into 3 sections, so feel free to use the time stamps:

  • Introduction/intention
  • Demonstration
  • The Dance

Different parts of the embodiment dance

Part 1: Posture, and standing with power in your standards.

Part 2: Fire up the core and invite the masculine in

Part 3: Sexual confidence in your poses

Part 4: Walking with integrity as the Warrior, Lover Goddess you are, with her heart open and in her standards.

other Delicious Bonuses for you

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Womb, Yoni Music Playlists for your feminine vibration

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Affirmations for you to keep. To return to anytime you require some inspiration, motivation or knowing how amazing you really are.

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Prayer for Remembrance

A quick prayer of Ask to ignite your trust with the Divine. Use this prayer every morning before you begin your day.

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Bleeding Ritual

Sacred blood ritual for when you are bleeding.

Other ResourcEs

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I will be going live inside our facebook group for support from me, you can also watch them here. 

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Cacao Recipe

 We will dive into a simple cacao ritual in our self love tantric ceremony (week 6) and sex magic ceremony (week 10). Here is the recipe to use as a guide.

The song I have included that you can make it to, means: “Sacred Plant.”